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10 easy tricks of learning FICO

10 easy tricks of learning FICO

Organization Structure

  • Define Company
  • Define Company Code
  • Assign Company Code to Company
  • Define Business Area
  • Edit chart of account
  • Assign chart of accounts to Company code
  • Define account Groups
  • Define Retained earning Account
  • Maintain fiscal Year variant
  • Assign fiscal year variant to company code
  • Define posting period variant
  • Assign Posting period variant to company code
  • Open and close posting period
  • Define Field status group
  • Assign Field status group to company code
  • Define tolerance groups for Employees
  • Define tolerance group for G/L accounts
  • Enter global parameters

GL Accounting (New)

  • Creation of GL Master
  • General Ledger posting
  • Display posted documents and ledgers
  • Held document posting
  • Parking the document/Posting
  • Recurring doc creation & Posting

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