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Fees: GBP 600

1. Organization Structure

  • Define Company
  • Define Company Code
  • Assign Company Code to Company
  • Define Business Area
  • Edit chart of account
  • Assign chart of accounts to Company code
  • Define account Groups
  • Define Retained earning Account
  • Maintain fiscal Year variant
  • Assign fiscal year variant to company code
  • Define posting period variant
  • Assign Posting period variant to company code
  • Open and close posting period
  • Define Field status group
  • Assign Field status group to company code
  • Define tolerance groups for Employees
  • Define tolerance group for G/L accounts
  • Enter global parameters

2. GL Accounting (New)

  • Creation of GL Master
  • General Ledger posting
  • Display posted documents and ledgers
  • Held document posting
  • Parking the document/Posting
  • Recurring doc creation & Posting
  • Sample doc creation & Posting
  • Individual reversals /Mass reversal
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Define Exchange rate types
  • Posting of Foreign currency posting
  • Interest calculation

3. Accounts Payable

  • Define Vendor Account Groups(with screen layout)
  • Define Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts
  • Assign Number Ranges for Vendor Groups
  • Tolerance Groups for Vendors
  • Purchase in Posting
  • Outgoing Payment
  • Vendor Account
  • Payment Terms
  • Down payment(Special GL transactions)
  • Mapping SPL GL Acc to Reconciling Account
  • Posting Special GL Transaction

4. Bank Accounting

  • Define House Bank and Bank Accounts
  • Creation of check lot with Number Ranges
  • Manual check Updation
  • Check Register
  • Automatic Payment Program

5. Accounts Receivable

  • Define Customer Account Groups(with Screen layouts)
  • Create Number Ranges to Customer Account
  • Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups
  • Tolerance Groups for Customer
  • Payment Terms
  • Creation of Customer Master
  • Creation of Number Ranges for Customer Posting
  • Sales Invoice Posting
  • Incoming payment Posting
  • Display of Customer Account
  • Generate Customer reports
  • Down payment receipt entry
  • Special GL Transactions posting

6. Asset Accounting

  • Copy and Modify Chart of Depreciation
  • Define 0% Tax Codes
  • Assign Tax Codes to Non Traceable Acquisitions
  • Assign Chart of Depreciation to Co Code
  • Specify Account Determination
  • Create Screen layout rules
  • Define Asset Classes
  • Create Number Range Intervals
  • Integration of Asset Management to GL Accounts
  • Define Depreciation Areas
  • Define Depreciation Keys
  • Creation of Main Asset Master/Sub Asset Master
  • External Acquisitions of asset with vendor
  • Depreciation Posting
  • Sale of Asset
  • Scrapping of Asset
  • Transfer of Asset
  • Display Asset Balances
  • Asset Explorer/ Asset History
  • Asset shutdown



Basic settings

  • Basic settings for controlling
  • Maintain controlling area
  • Assign controlling area for company code
  • Maintain no. ranges for controlling documents

8. Cost element accounting

  • Primary cost element creation
  • Secondary cost element creation

9. Cost center accounting

  • Creation of cost centers
  • Creation of cost center group
  • Postings to cost center
  • Cost center wise report
  • Planning cost center wise
  • Distribution amount from one cost center to other cost centers
  • Assessment cycle

10. Internal order

  • Real order
  • Statistical order
  • Order settlement
  • Planning order wise
  • Order wise reports
  • Statistical key figure creations

11. Profit center accounting

  • Creation of profit centers
  • Assign profit centers in cost center
  • Postings to profit centers
  • Profit center wise report
  • Plan profit center wise
  • Segment creation
  • Activity types creation

12. Integration

  • FI – MM
  • FI — SD
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